Rent or sell your house faster?

Maximize your selling/rental price?

Happy with your house, but still looking for the right ambiance to make it your home?

Your home needs to stand out from the crowd to sell fast and achieve the best selling or rental price.

Home Staging, Property staging, house staging, or property presentation - is the art of improving property to sell or rent out faster for the best selling or rental price.

Home Staging property is particularly important in a difficult market when buyers feel empowered to reduce an asking prices. Giving your house the best presentation and reducing negatives such as repairs strengthens the property sellers position when negotiating on property price.

Babette Verhoef

Having worked as an estate agent for many years during which I studied both real estate as interior design, I have developed a good feeling for the real estate market to give you appropriate home staging advice.*

I can organize quotes for repairs, suggest or buy furniture and accessories and style your home. From a report to a full project management service.
Total confidentiality - BVSI undertakes all types of house style, de-clutter, repairs and changing of bathrooms and kitchens where necessary.

And to make you feel more at home in your own house I can offer you Personal styling for all types of houses, offices, rooms or outside spaces.
Prices for all services start from €75,- (21% VAT and € 0,35/km traveling expenses excluded) for one consultation, which in most cases is enough to give you a good idea of the possibilities.

From there you can either choose for more hours of advice, partly or complete project management.

Personal advice: €60/h
Project Management: €35/h

* For testimonials – in Dutch - see: http://www.babetteverhoef.nl/referenties.html

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